Smile Makeover

The use of a cutting edge technologies and techniques to enhance your smile in a safe, healthy and predictable way. Each smile makeover is specific to the individual so book in for your consultation to explore the best ways to improve your smile.

Improved confidence

Realistic & Natural results

Improved quality of life

What is the best to improve my smile?

There is no one way to improve every smile. With full understanding of you as the patient followed by in depth planning you can be sure we choose the way that best suits you.

How long does treatment take?

Again depending on the type of treatment we decide on, it can range from 1 appointment for simple composite bonding all the way up to 2 years for complex Invisalign orthodontics.

I’m happy with my smile I just want to improve 1 aspect, is this possible?

Yes this is possible as long as your teeth are biologically and functionally healthy we can treat just one or two teeth if that is all that is require to reach your smile goals

I’m nervous about the final result?

We can do techniques like a ‘mock up’ or a ‘trial smile’ that allows you test drive your smile before you go ahead with the treatment fully.

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